Initial macOS Ventura Support

I have just released Bartender 4.2.0 as a test build for all users or full update if you are already on macOS Ventura, with initial support for macOS Ventura, supporting the macOS changes that prevented Bartender from working correctly. There are still some updates needed (renaming things to “Settings” instead of “Preferences”) etc.

Known Issues
On macOS Ventura sometimes Bartenders windows/UI will not display. Restarting Bartender should fix this (you may need to quit Bartender from Activity Monitor, as its menu will not show), this seems like a macOS beta bug, I am waiting on the next macOS beta before looking more deeply into it.

You can update by clicking one of the buttons below, or from Bartender Settings > Advanced, Check to Update to Test Builds then click the Check for Updates button.

Update to Test Builds

Check for Bartender Updates