Bartender 5 Officially Released

I am super excited to announce the public release of Bartender 5 today (public beta until macOS release).

This does not mean I am stopping working on Bartender 5, anything but! As I still have many exciting features I want to add.

Bartender 5 is Bartenders’ biggest update yet; with support for macOS Sonoma, it also boasts a load of new features and updates to its core abilities making it the best version yet.

Bartender gives you total control over your menu bar items (the icons at the right of your menu bar). It lets you hide any menu bar items you want but still quickly access them in a variety of ways, such as revealing your hidden menu bar items instantly by swiping / scrolling in the menu bar, this is great if you have lots of menu bar items that wouldn’t fit easily in the menu bar itself because of the notch, with swiping you can access more then just 1 screen of hidden items, swipe again to access as many screens as needed to see all your menu bar items.

Bartender 5 also introduced menu bar item groups. These allow you to add groups of menu bar items under 1 customisable menu bar item, great for grouping menu bar items into similar groups that you can access with 1 click or hover, even better for saving space on a MacBook pro with a notch.

Bartender also brings a host of ways to improve your interaction with menu bar items with a completely new designed triggers system for applying presets or showing menu bar items when they need your attention. Such as when at work, on a particular Wi-Fi network, certain battery state, or even via a script such as showing items when on a VPN or when your AirPods are connected.

Completely new to Bartender 5 is menu bar styling, with this you can customize each spaces menu bar, the possible menu bar designs are endless, you can tint the menu bar with any color, add borders, shadows, make the menu bar rounded or even separate pills.

Bartender 5 has many more improvements, refinements, and new features that make it a brilliant update worth checking out.